Nandi farmers urged to join cooperatives to benefit from government support.

The county government of Nandi wants farmers to organise themselves into cooperative societies to be eligible for government support.

Speaking in Kapsabet town,the CECM in charge of agriculture Dr Kiplimo Lagat said that his department is targeting farmers in dairy, coffee, poultry ,potato and avocado sub sectors.

“As we wind up the construction and equipping of the key value addition centres,our focus now shifts to the farmers. We want to empower them to produce and supply the materials needed in the running of those centres” , said Dr Lagat.

He adds, ” our flagship milk processing plant at Kabiyet, coffee milling factory in Tinderet and poultry slaughterhouse at Kapsabet will start operations before the end of the year and that’s why we call upon farmers in those sub sectors to register themselves in groups in order to receive funding from the government and build their capacity to meet the demand”.

Leaders,both in the political space and the clergy ,have sustained a campaign their campaign asking residents to reduce reliance on the traditional crops such as maize and embrace the high value crops in preparation for the opening of a number of factories that require a lot of raw materials to break even.

Governor Stephen Sang,who is in his second term at the elm,sees these projects as his legacy and has come up with several strategies including free seedlings distribution and artificial insemination services among others.

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