Nandi County finalizing creation of ICU beds in two hospitals.

The creation of 11 Intensive Care Unit beds in Nandi County is on its final stages, Governor Stephen Sang has confirmed.

Four of the ICU beds are in Nandi Hills hospital while seven are in Kapsabet County Refferal Hospital.

Governor Sang said the beds will be completed in 3 weeks time.

The beds are being created in preparation to handle emergencies especially cases of Covid-19.

So far, the county has not reported any case of the virus, but Sang said the county government was not taking any chances.

Speaking to journalist in Kapsabet, Sang further said his government had put in place adequate measures including equipping its 42 health facilities across the county.

Sang called upon the residents that have families leaving in hot spot areas like Mombasa and Nairobi to ensure that they do not sneak them into the county.

” I want to urge parents who have there children outside Nandi especially in hotspot areas kindly not sneak them into our county. Just be patient and when this disease is over you will have time to meet with your relatives again,” Sang said.

He called upon those who are at the border to ensure that they put enough strict measures and not to allow people to sneak out.

The governor also said his government will ensure that the health workers are working in a conducive environment noting that his administration had procured enough equipments.

County Executive Committee Member for health urge the residents to stay safe and follow government procedures in the fight the disease.

” I want to thank the residents for informing us whenever they notice anyone suspicious. Stay safe by maintaining good hygiene, putting on a mask and maintaining social distance,” Ms Koech said.

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