Nandi County Commissioner directs Chiefs to ensure locals follow Covid-19 directives.

Chiefs have been directed to ensure that locals follow covid – 19 regulations.

Nandi county commissioner Geoffrey Omoding told the administrators to ensure directives were adhered to in order to avoid spread of virus.

Speaking in his office commissioner Omoding warned that there should not be more than fifty attendees in a funeral.

“I want to appeal to our people in Nandi to take this pandemic very seriously, we want to ensure that those people who do not adhere to the Presidential directives on the contentment measures are punished,” said Omoding.

He also told the chiefs to ensure that there are no harambee held since people congregates and spread the disease.

Omoding said that the main area where the disease is being spread very fast is at the funerals.

” There should not be more than fifty attendees at the funerals and the chiefs have been directed to take control and it should not take more than two hours,” he said.

He said the funeral homes should not hold the body for more than 72 hours.

He urged other sectors like the transport and hotel to ensure that they are following the covid protocols since they were among the area of spreading the disease.

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