Mishra given 21 day ultimatum to surrender land

The Nandi county government has rejected plans by Kesses MP Swarrup Mishra to build a Sh1.2 billion hospital in Kapsabet town amid claims of irregular land allocation.

County officials claim that a three-acre piece of land on which Mr Mishra wants to build Mediheal Hospital is public land.

Lands Executive Jacob Tanui said the county had invalidated the title deed, for the three-acre land, and ordered Kesses MP Swarup Mishra to hand the public property back to the devolved unit, within 21 days.

Mr Tanui, who was addressing a press conference in Kapsabet on Monday, claimed Mishra had fallen victim to unscrupulous individuals who deal in land illegally. He was accompanied by Lands Chief Officer Solomon Mangira.

“We regret that Dr Mishra fell prey to illegal dealers, who grab public and private land for sale to unsuspecting potential investors. He has three weeks to surrender the three-acre property back to the county government; the land is a public property,” said Tanui.

He added: “The County is advising Dr Mishra to find an alternative, clean land to put up the hospital investment.”

The MP-cum-businessman, however, says the land was sold to him by a private developer, who allegedly acquired it from the county government.

The MP planned to build a 100-bed capacity hospital.

Mr Mishra says he bought the controversial piece of land during the previous county administration and holds a title deed for it.

“I acquired this land after the 2015 Nandi Investment Conference. There was a call for investors to put up viable investments in Nandi from the previous county government. All State bodies were involved in the process,” said Mishra.

He claimed to have delayed constructing the hospital to contest the 2017 election in which he was elected MP.

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The Kesses legislator added: “The land did not have a dispute then. The claims that the land is public property began when the county learnt of my plans to begin construction of a hospital, which I had scheduled for October this year.”

But officials hold that the land in dispute is owned by the county government.


The Nandi County government has maintained it will repossess 33 plots meant for public utilities that have been illegally acquired.

The lands executive, Jacob Tanui, said an audit had identified the land that he said had been illegally taken over by individuals.

Mr Tanui termed the title deeds illegal and advised residents who knowingly occupied public land to surrender it within the next three months.

“The county initiated a land audit to identify all public land. The audit has unearthed 33 pieces of public land which have been annexed by private individuals,” said Tanui.

The land that is earmarked for repossession includes Kapsabet Municipality 417 (4 acres), the riparian reserve near Kapsabet County Referral Hospital (3 acres), the riparian reserve near the Agriculture Department offices (1 acre) and a 10-acre piece that begins at the National Housing Corporation offices.

Tanui said the executive had initiated a Bill to protect unsuspecting residents and investors from land cartels illegally selling public land.


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