Meet Joshua Kiptoo the Kenya’s youngest County Assembly speaker.

Sometimes in 2017, political pundits recall TV Current Affairs Shows that generated heated debates on the political direction the country should take ahead of the elections.

The Shows were graced by Joshua Kiptoo, then a young trained lawyer & UON Law Lecturer eager to shape the destiny of the country.

At the time he relentlessly commented on national political matters, Kiptoo did not know that he had been spotted as a potential leader despite his young age.

Now Kiptoo is the speaker of the county assembly of Nandi, and the youngest serving in the position at the moment in the country.

“I actively participated in national political discourse in 2017 through TV platforms. The ensuing publicity acted as an introduction to Nandi politics,” revealed speaker

Thus the youthful lawyer plunged into active politics with a pledge to oversee changes in his office as well as maintain order in the assembly proceedings.

Looking back now, Kiptoo said he is glad that he oversaw the creation of live coverage of proceedings in the assembly.

“I have also ensured the relentless efforts to hold the executive accountable are made possible,” the University of Nairobi law graduate said.

The Kapsabet Boys’ High School alumni said he is passionate about public service adding that despite the disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic, he ensures services continue in the assembly with precautions in place.

Despite his achievements, Kiptoo said the county should improve dissemination of information to the public to avoid propaganda.

“There is a need to undertake better public participation. The assembly needs to improve how it disseminates information to the public,” he said.

He also decried lack of clarity by the public regarding his role in the assembly.

“Citizens are yet to fully understand speaker’s role since it is mostly confused with the ward representatives’ core mandate. The ultimate decision making lies with the ward representatives and not the speaker,” he clarified.

However, he contents there is a lot to be done within the County.

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