Meet Amos, Samson and Gideon ‘magical’ identical triplets joining St. Patrick’s Iten.

The triplets, Amos, Samson and Gideon Yegon at St. Patrick’s Iten ready to join form one. PHOTO|LEMISO SATO

Identical triplets are the talk in the North Rift region after they all secured a form one slot in one of the prestigious secondary school in the area, St. Patricks Iten.

The triplets, Amos, Samson and Gideon Yegon raised by their single mother with a humble background managed to score 362, 357 and 352 marks respectively in the 2018  Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. 

The boys’ difference in their age is by the interval of 5 minutes which coincides with their KCPE results that were amazingly 5 marks apart.

The triplets are from Kuresoi North and were born in the year 2005.


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