Medical Appeal for Kelvin Kipchumba Keter.

Kelvin Kipchumba Keter is set to undergo embolization and further operation in Manipal hospital India. PHOTO|COURTESY

Kelvin Kipchumba Keter was a Chemical and Process Engineering student at moi University, who later transferred to school of biological and physical sciences in 3rd year.

He has had a challenge with a paraganglioma growth in his abdomen which called for surgery.

He was admitted for surgery early this year, but the doctors at MTRH hospital in eldoret stopped the surgery midway due to the the complication, in which a main artery supplies blood to the tumour.

He was then referred for a process called embolization before a surgery can be done.

To this far, he has been booked for the treatment in Manipal hospital in India but the cost is a challenge. 1.1M is required and to this far, what is lacking is about 400,000/- only.

There shall be a fundraiser at Tumaini house in Nairobi tomorrow, room number 5A, at 2-5pm towards this.

We welcome you to attend this or send your support through Mpesa paybill number : 751570, with account being your name. Your little contribution will go a long way in saving a life and providing health to our brother. Be blessed.

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