Mandago condemns racism against Africans in China.

Uasin Gishu County Governor Jackson Mandago has expressed concern over the abuse and discriminatory treatment of Kenyans and other Africans living and working in China.

Mandago, who reacted furiously to the allegations, condemned the discrimination saying that China’s Government has gone further.

“Human life is precious and sacred and you cannot replace human life with anything else, African governments were in front line in asking other countries not to stigmatize the Chinese.

How come China is now rounding up African people considering that it is winter in china at the moment,” Mandago said

Mandago said if the act continues, Chinese who are in the Country should also be quarantined “If Africans will continue to suffer in China, therefore all Chinese in Kenya should be quarantined by force” He said

The County Boss said that he is upset in seeing families with young children being forced to sleep on the streets in cold and their passports confisticated.

“This is inhumane and as leaders we cannot accept that to continue. What is currently going on in china is the inhuman treatment; hatred and outright discrimination of Africans” Mandago said adding that china have embraced a discriminatory policy of attrition against Africans.

Mandago now wants the Chinese ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng to give an explanation on what is going on in China. He also called upon African Governments to wake up and take action adding that if this continues the country should end relations with china.

This comes after Kenyans and other Africans were forced to sleep on the streets after they were evicted from their houses in China and their legal documents forcibly taken away at the same time refused service in shops after being accused of having Covid-19 where other reports alleged that others have been forced in to quarantine despite testing negative for Covid-19.

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