Malaria deaths toll in Baringo rises to Eight.

Eight people were confirmed dead on Tuesday following a malaria outbreak reported at Tirioko ward, Tiaty sub county in Baringo.

The health department said another child succumbed to the disease on Sunday while undergoing treatment at Lomut in the neighbouring West Pokot, bringing the number of deaths to eight.

According to the Chief Officer of health in Baringo county Dr. Gideon Toromo, a team of experts from the health department have been dispatched to the affected areas of Kongor.

Areas most affected are Kulol, Kaghat, Kongor, Chesawach, Akoret, Kapau, Atirir, Chesotim, Lokis, Ng’aina, Korelach and Krese.

”The department has enough drugs and distribution of treated mosquito nets has kicked off. Everything is under control as our team is on the ground, ” He said.

He also noted that the malaria outbreak is at a manageable stage compared to the 2017 outbreak which claimed over 20 lives.

The Baringo County government has appealed for help from well-wishers and humanitarian agencies as the malaria outbreak in Tiaty continues to claim more lives.

“Our request is to our partners, well-wishers and humanitarian agencies to support us so as to avert more deaths in the worst-hit areas,” Dr Toromo said

He said preliminary laboratory tests carried out in the area revealed that the prevalence of malaria stands at 53 per cent.

He said the most affected areas are Atirir, Kapau, Chesawach and Kutol villages.

“We took blood samples of 37 patients at Kongor village and 22 of them tested positive for malaria, which translates to 53 per cent,” he added.

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