Laxity of county workers prompt Kapsabet residents to embark on town cleaning.

After weeks of waiting in futility for Nandi County government to oversee the cleaning of Kapsabet town whose sanitation had declined, business community have opted to lead the exercise.

The cleaning has been slotted for Saturday with calls to residents and local leaders to join the drive.

Speaking to the media at the town, businessman and initiative leader Benjamin Kuto said the exercise was necessitated by unrealiability of county workers whose operation are often scuttled by frequent go-slows due to salary delays.

He said elected leaders including the area senator and some Members of National Assembly had promised to participate.

Kuto said the exercise was also a platform for residents to discuss on issues facing the county.

“We ask everyone to come to discuss issues affecting bthe residents,” said Mr Kuto.

Police have already issued the traders with permit where the clean up will include collecting of litter and unblocking of drainage system.

Despite being criticised for ineptitude, the county government has also said it will lend a hand during the exercise.
Kapsabet Municipality manager David Sum said the county staff will be there.

Transport County Executive Committee Drice Rono said some roads will be closed to allow the cleaning to proceed smoothly.

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