Kuttuny drafts a Bill to create strong Prime Minister’s position.

Cherang’any MP Joshua Kuttuny  have drafted a bill which propose  creation of a Prime Minister’s position.

This is a significant departure from most Jubilee legislators and other proponents of the referendum who want many political positions abolished.

The proposal is likely to put the MP in collision with Deputy President William Ruto, who is opposed to amending the 2010 Constitution to create more positions.

Kuttuny also proposes the creation of two positions for Deputy Prime Ministers.

He says the Prime Minister and the two deputies shall be appointed by the President and approved by the National Assembly.

According to Cherangany Legislator, The PM will be the head of government business in Parliament.

In another radical proposal that is set to spark political debate, the Jubilee legislator proposes that the President and the Deputy President as well as ministers shall be elected members of the National Assembly.


“Save for where a person is elected as the President or the Deputy President, he or she shall relinquish his or her position as a member of the National Assembly,” Kuttuny proposes.

Prior to the 2010 Constitution, President and the Vice President were also elected MPs.

Kuttuny is also seeking to re-introduce the position of the leader of the opposition, who will be from the second largest party in Parliament.

Early this year, Tiaty MP William Kassait Kamket also drafted a Bill to create the position of Prime Minister who will have executive powers and be the leader of government business.

Kamket proposes that the President should have ceremonial powers, serving a single seven-year term.

Kenya has had two Prime Ministers – at independence and during the grand coalition government.

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