KPLC director donates 120 tanks and sanitizers to Nandi County as Kenya fights Covid-19.

Nandi County Government has received 120 water tanks from Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) director Zipporah Kering.

The former Nandi Woman Representative handed over the water reservoirs to the county health department in a bid to promote hygiene through hand washing with clean water as Kenya fights covid-19 pandemic.

Kering also donated 500 certified sanitizers and urged residents to maintain hygiene to prevent them from contracting the virus.

“I have taken this initiative to sensitize the members of the public, demonstrating to them on how to wash their hands to eliminate viral diseases because bodaboda are popularly used by residents and they can be agents to spread” she said.

The donation comes as s relief to the county where it’s major business centres including Kapsabet, Nandi Hills and Mosoriot do not have water tanks for public use.

Concerns had been used over the laxity of the locals to practice good hygiene, a matter that render them vulnerable in case of an outbreak in the region.

However, health officials have taken an initiative to sensitize locals and warn them against using methylated spirits as sanitizers, and the need to maintain social distance.

Kering urged leaders to take a lead in informing locals about the value of maintaining the recommended social distance and exercising good hygiene.

“I call upon all the local leaders and the elites in the community to participate in creating awareness in fight against dreadful disease in entire society, Director Kering said.

The move by Kering to support provision of water in the county comes at the time that Kenya has confirmed 16 cases of coronavirus. Nandi County has not recorded any case so far.

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