Kositany wants BBI marketing strategy changed.

Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany has said that despite being in supportive of BBI, he thinks that the initiative is not meant to bring unity instead it is meant to benefit few individuals in the government.

Speaking at Kuinet Secondary School in Eldoret, during commissioning of teachers quarters funded by NG-CDF Soy Constituency, the legislator maintains that BBI is meant to fight the deputy President William Ruto adding that the product is good and that the intention of President Uhuru Kenyatta in coming up with the BBI idea was good for the country and not as it being witnessed.

Kositany wants everyone to be given an opportunity to air their views during BBI rallies adding that Kenyans have issues within them that they need to air but they have been denied opportunity.

“The person who has been left to market the product is not a good marketer; he is a poor marketer so the product will fail not because is a bad product but because it is being marketed in a wrong way” Kositany said.

The MP said that the BBI rally which has been going on in different parts of the country is being conducted in a biased manner. He said that the people of Kenya want to listen to all opinion and that they should be given that opportunity adding that there should be a structure whereby they are allowed to address issues together.

“If we are going to have BBI whereby other members who are known to have a contrary opinion of what you have are going to be denied sitting, order of giving speeches that is wrong and it is evident in Meru and other BBI rallies. I urge the president to change the marketing strategy for BBI since the marketer is very poor” He lamented.


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