Koitalel Samoei 114th memorial anniversary celebrated in Nandi hills.

Residents of Nandi County on Saturday gathered to mark 114 years since Nandi hero, Koitalel arap Samoei, was brutally killed by the British.

The event organised by Nandi county government commemorated the gruesome killing of the famous leader in 1905 by the British colonial government.

The celebrations were done in style outside the Koitalel mausoleum, with traditional singers and dancers entertaining attendees.

Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang who attended the celebration, hailed Koitalel as the greatest hero who led the Nandi in a fierce resistance against the British.

Speaking at the event, Sang revealed that his administration is in talks with the National museums of Kenya for an MoU signing of joint support of Koitalel Samoei Museum and returning Nandi artifacts taken by colonial government.

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Nandi Governor Stephen Sang laying a wreath at Koitaleel Samoei Mouseleum to commemorate 114 years since the killing the Nandi Orkoiyot.

A mausoleum has been built in remembrance of the Nandi hero and a university has also been established in Nandi hills in his honour.

A day like this in 1905, Koitalel Arap Samoei who was the the Orkoiyot, the supreme chief of the Nandi people of Kenya was killed by the British colonialists at in Nandi Hills.

This was after he was lured to attend a meeting that was meant to help his tribes people to have peaceful resolutions with British colonialists.

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