Kilibwoni MCA ask locals to reject BBI bill.

A ward representative has revealed that Nandi county assembly rejected the constitutional amendment bill because it was packaged to hoodwink leaders.

Kilibwoni member of county assembly Cynthia Muge said that the Nandi county assembly did not pass the BBI bill because it was the stand of the people of Nandi.

Speaking at holy spirit Catholic church in Baraton on Sunday, Muge said that the bill was dangling with the ward development funds, Cdf funds by expanding the positions and creating positions.

“We want to tell President Uhuru Kenyatta that we have serious issues that are affecting the people of Kenya and as a youth of Kenya we will not buy that particular bill,” said Muge.

She asked the locals not to support the bill and urge them not to vote for it during referendum.

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