Kapsimotwa Gardens – Beautiful hidden gem in Nandi County.

Kapsimotwa Gardens is a serene and secluded site located in the picturesque Nandi Hills, a highland area of lush green rolling hills at the edge of the Great Rift Valley.

The variegated tranquil haven with carefully plotted, and meticulously manicured garden, large pathways,lake, ponds, streams and rest areas set hard within a scenic a tea estate and the striking verdant Nandi Hills annotates the difference between a good garden and a beautiful one.

At about 2000m above sea level, the gardens are part of the Kapsimotwa farm – a huge Tea plantation that dominate the landscape. The farm was established in the 1930s by a British settler called Bushwell.

The gardens full of color — flowers in the most vibrant shades of reds, pinks, purples, yellows, and whites, was established in the late 1950s as a community leisure retreat;  where locals and callers to Nandi Hills can be one with nature.

Serene pools and dams dot the gardens which is now a popular picnic site.

The Nandi Hills are also the burial site of the renowned Nandi seer Koitalel Arap Samoei.  Koitalel Arap Samoei  a supreme chief of the Nandi people of Kenya, who led the Nandi rebellion against the British colonial rule. When British colonials began building the Kenya – Uganda Railway through the Nandi area, he led an eleven-year resistance movement against the railway.

On October 19, 1905, he was invited by British Col. Richard Meinertzhagen under the guise of negotiating a truce, and was instead murdered along with his companions.

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He was buried under a symbolic tree. On top of Nandi Hills sits Samoei with its red earth. When he was killed, some believe, the ground turned red on the spot of his death.

These gardens are now rightfully a must-see when touring Nandi County;  and are also a great jump off to some of its other sights including;  the Koitalel museum, Nandi Bears Club and Nandi Forests.


How to get to Kapsimotwa gardens.

Head to Nandi Hills town which is approximately 60 km from Eldoret. Once in Nandi Hills head to the tea plantations up on the murrum road. Kapsimotwa farm is located at the very top of the hill.


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