Kapsabet town faces water rationing due to high demand.

Kapsabet Water and Sanitation Company (KANAWASCO) has called upon the National government and County government to identify another source of water to assist in water supply in Kapsabet and it’s environs.

The high demand and illegal connections of water is said to have compelled the management of the company to come up with the radical proposals.

According to the KANAWASCO managing director Antony Kiboiy,39% of its water supply is lost due to physical loses and commercial.
He called upon the residents to report thieves who have illegally conncted water .

“Our supply capacity of 3000 cubic metres per day is way below the demand . Worse,stolen water further negates our ability to supply water to all connected households thus the decision to ration water. We ask our customers to bear with us”, pleads Kiboiy.

The company is seeking to introduce the use solar in pumping water upstream to reduce the high cost of electricity that is consequently passed to its customers.

Currently the company is doing a public participation because the customers need more engagements to understand the challenges they are experiencing on water provision.



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