Initiative to encourage women participation in peace building rolled out in North Rift.

Rural Women Peace Link is seeking to encourage women to speak out on matters of security and play leadership roles in several matters affecting society.

The advocacy group has started off by engaging journalists from region through training to equip them with skills on women and leadership.

Over 20 journalists from the region have been trained by the group on gender, conflict resolution, and women leadership among other key issues.

Speaking to the Northrift Mirror in Noble, Rural Women Peace Link executive director Ms Mercy Jerop said they were engaging the media because it playing influential role through dissemination of information.

“The media shapes opinions and support advocacy work,” said Ms Jerop.

She said women were encouraged to participate in decision making, speaking out against gender based violence and sexual exploitation.

Jerop asked national and county governments to support the initiative by funding the implementation of the Kenya National Action Plan on women peace and security.

“This can be done under the ministry of gender and the ministry of interior but the county government can support by having a budgetary allocations to support the implementation of the Kenya national action plan at the county level,” she said.

She urged the women especially from the rural areas to speak out and also challenge them to aspire to political and community leadership to be able to represent issues affecting women in relation to peace and security.

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