Incitement and hate speech still threatening cohesion in Kenya, says NCIC.

National cohesion integration commission (NCIC) has said hate speech and incitement were still prevalent in the country and were threatening to peace.

Led by commissioner Abdul Aziz Ali Farah, NCIC said the two were “big problems” that were likely to tear the country apart unless action was done to contain the perpetrators.

“Most of the conflict that we have in this country is because of incitement, hate speech and related utterances . As a commission, stakeholders must always come together to discuss how best we can fight that problem,” said Abdul Aziz.

The commissioner was speaking when he held a meeting with security stakeholdersĀ  to discuss on issues related to hate speech.

He said that they want to see how they can come up with laws and decisive approach to be used to curb hate speech and incitement in Kenya.

He called upon all Kenyans to refrain from hate mongers and inciters.

“Whether you are a common mwananchi or a leader you must be responsible citizen. I don’t call somebody who is reckless a leader because that is not a quality of a leader,” said commissioner.

He called upon all leaders especially politicians to be responsible and not to take the country back to violence.

” It is very unfortunate that some of our leaders capitalize on chaos they thrive in chaos, the only way they can be elected is to be careless and irresponsible that is one thing that we want to end in this country, ” he said.

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