‘Hustler’ narrative meant to uplift economy of the people, Emgwen MP says.

Emgwen MP Alex Kosgei has defended ‘hustler nation’ as a narrative aimed at encouraging people to uplift themselves economically.

Kosgei dismissed claims that the hustler tag synonymous with Deputy President William Ruto was promoting class differences.

“If we can think on how we can uplift ourselves economically then it is a good initiative. We don’t need tribal politics but we need to empower ourselves that is what the hustler nation is about,” he said.

The MP said the hustler nation was a key to unity among people and encouraged Kenyans to embrace the ideology.

“The hustler nation is actually the one that has build bridges across the country, it does not matter where people are from but to bring people together,” said Kosgei.

Kosgei was speaking when he issued cheques at his office for development of infrastructure in schools.

The MP thanked his constituents for believing in him and promised to ensure that he fulfilled pledges he made during the past elections.

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