Hon.Zipporah Kering’s office sponsors Nandi County Cultural,Dance and Music Event;

Dancers and singers performing at st.peters hall

Nandi County Cultural, Dance and Music was yesterday held at St. Peters Courtesy of Affirmative fund office of Hon Zipporah Kering.The initiative was aimed at exploring and nurturing the local talent,It also gave the local artists and singers the chance to showcase the talent of singing and dancing..The participants went away with presents including cash prices. Moreover it enabled Women and youth with dancing and singing to earn from their talent as they compete in the event.
This adds to many other initiatives that is being carried out by the office of Nandi women representative courtesy of the affirmative action fund, Earlier this week  they had donated sanitary pads to the students of secondary school this initiative also is scheduled to be carried out in schools all over Nandi in their efforts of promoting the girl child Education..

Kapkoimur students receiving sanitary pads from the office of Hon.Zipporah kering courtesy of Affirmative action fund;

Many youth and women and people living with Disabilities (PLWD)  groups have also benefited from the affirmative action funds through the office of the Women representative.This funds has been used will transform the lives and the lives of their families.
The office also boasts with the achievement of offering bursaries scholarship and bursaries to needy students accross the county ;

Beneficiaries of affirmative action Bursaries and scholarship drawn from the six sub-counties.

The National Assembly, in the year 2015 approved a legislation that allocated Kshs 2 billion for the on Affirmative Action Fund that has been allocated to the 47 women representatives depending on the number of constituencies in their counties.

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