Governor Sang retreats, apologizes over tea farm destruction.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has retreated and apologized over his recent action of invading alleged grabbed tea farm.

Sang apologized to residents during the Nandi annual prayers in an indirect reference to land under kibwari tea estate, Sang said he was sorry if he has trounced on someone’s property.

“I want to apologise to everyone I have wronged in one way or another because forgiveness will enable us to live in peace and harmony”. Sang said.

Recently sang was caught up in a drama when he lead a team of county official to the farm in Nandi hills and took lead in cutting tea using power saw.

A earth mover was also uprooting tea bushes under his command.Local leaders had deserted him for his action.

He was arrested the following day in a dramatic move where some of his supporters tried to block police.

Later he appeared in kisumu court where he was charged with malicious damage to property, incitement to violence and abuse of office.

He denied all three charges and was acquitted on Sh1 million bond.

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