Governor Sang on the spot for invading private land.

Nandi governor Stephen Sang took a dramatic turn on Friday by storming a tea farm in the region with earth mover and power saws leaving a trail of destructions.

Locals watched at a distance as the governor fell down a number of tea bushes using power saw.

The kibware tea farm is believed to be owned by former industrialization minister Henry Kosgei.

In an amateur video, the abrasive governor is also seen manhandling an individual believed to have been against the destruction.

Sang claimed the land was grabbed by the once powerful minister and it was his responsibility to reclaim it for public utility.

Kosgei’s family, however, insist it was genuinely and legally acquired from a loan borrowed from Agricultural Finance Corporation.

Whether the first time governor is speaking the truth or otherwise, his Friday move has opened a Pandora of past and present differences with Kosgei, his erstwhile political rival.

Kosgei had competed with Sang for the gubernatorial post with the former conceding defeat.

However, it seems another round of faceoff is in the offing.

Kosgei has been quiet in politics but his two sons, Emgwen member of Parliament Alex Kosgei and Allan Kosgei have been vocal and political pundits now argue that Sang might be feeling threatened.

Allan has been traversing the county leading fundraisers but has not declared any specific position in leadership.

Despite his composed silence, he has been under pressure from a section of the public to prepare to challenge Sang in 2022 elections.

Now the stage is set with Sang’s waged war on the family property serving as a catalyst for a new political discourse that might shake Nandi politics to the core.

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