Governor Kiptis bans night livestock transportation to curb theft.

Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis have announced the ban on livestock transportation at night to eradicate theft.

Speaking in Kabarnet town, Kiptis who appeared to be furious said that the high demand of meat in big cities such as Nakuru and Nairobi has contributed to rampant theft of livestock in Baringo.

“It is regrettable that criminals who are known by name are increasingly stealing livestock in the late afternoons. I urge the government to arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible. Kiptis said

He asked the Rift Valley Commissioner George Natembeya to instruct police to be vigilant and mount road blocks to apprehend culprits.

The meeting was held in Kabarnet only few days after four people were brutally murdered in the county where one of the victims was admitted at Refferral Hospital in Kabarnet, following a series of raids carried out by gunmen in Marigat and Baringo North.

Approximately 200 families have been forced to leave their homes, seeking security for their lives and property.

At the same time, Baringo County Boss asked the National Government to bring back National Police Reservist (NPR) to the county to join security officers in tackling bandits that has been terrorizing residents by stealing their livestock and killing them using their illegal guns.

He was speaking after conducting meeting with heads of security led by Rift Valley Commissioner George Natembeya.

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