Full speech by Governor Stephen Sang during the second state of the county address at the county assembly.


In the words of the American Labour leader and Civil Rights activist Cesar Chavez, “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”

Honourable Speaker,

As Governor of this County, it is my responsibility under Section 30(2) (K) of the County Governments Act to report to this honourable house the status of our County over the last one year.

This is informed by the objects of devolution that the drafters of our Constitution envisaged; of promoting social and economic development and the provision of proximate, and easily accessible services throughout Kenya.

I thank the almighty God for keeping us healthy and safe for the last slightly over one year in office. It has been a great year having seen God’s hand in our everyday work.

There is no better time to be addressing this Honourable Assembly than this. On the 8th of August, 2017, the people of this great County gave all of us elected leaders here today a clear mandate having been convinced by our transformation agenda.

The instructions the people of Nandi gave us were clear, they wanted change in the way things were done.

We are here today to reflect on the challenges we have faced and the gains we have made and what lies ahead of us as a County Government.

We can never forget that this is not about us, but about the close to one million residents of this beautiful County.

Honourable Speaker,

We cannot fail to recognize some of the calamities like fire incidents, landslides and other life-threatening events that have befallen us during the year.

Such happenings have been a lesson to us on how to avert or mitigate such disasters. We must keep hope alive, bearing in mind that we can never forget the spirit of humanity that was manifest during such calamities.

Honourable Speaker,

As we can all recall, we came into Government that had critical challenges that required urgent remedy. These included dysfunctional healthcare system, non-motorable roads, poor work ethics and customer service, the pending bills, lack of proper and clear structures in the public service and declining revenues. While the challenges have not been fully overcome, we have laid a firm foundation to surmount many of them.

We are guided by the need to transform the public service and align it to the needs of the residents of Nandi.

As we execute our mandate, we are informed by the following key pillars:
1.Working closely, and partnering with the National Government on the Big Four Agenda, our County Government has aligned its priorities to focuses on the areas of Food Security, Universal Health Coverage, Affordable Housing and Manufacturing. This makes Nandi a trail-blazer in the plan to working with the National Government for the successful implementation of the Big 4 Agenda

2.Working with development partners and stakeholders for the benefit of our County. My election as the Chair of the Council of Governors’ Intergovernmental Relations Committee gives us an opportunity to ensure devolved units work closely with the National Government and other partners for effective delivery of services to Wananchi.

3.Anchor the Youth, Women and other special interest groups into mainstream governance and economy through creation of opportunities and nurturing of various talents.

4.Creation of a functional Public Service System and a customer-focused approach in service delivery, guided by the need to reform work ethics and culture to reflect the need for productivity and value for money.

5.Discouraging wasteful spending and unbudgeted expenses which will be achieved through efficiency and rationalization. This will be implemented by deploying a system that combats corruption and ensures prudent use of resources for the benefit of Nandi residents.

6.Revenue enhancement through sealing of loopholes and expansion of revenue sources.

7.Rebranding Nandi County as a favourite destination for investment and tourism.

Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members,

Allow me now to highlight key achievement in various Departments of our County Government:

For Agriculture and Co-operatives Development…,
We are all aware that Nandi’s economy is largely driven by agriculture. However, over the years, this crucial department has been under-funded and with inadequate technical staff for the various programs.

I am glad to report that a number of programs have been initiated in the livestock and crop sectors to enhance food security, a pillar in the Big Four Agenda;

To address the challenge of milk marketing and post-harvest milk losses, the County Government in collaboration with the National Government and other stakeholders has supported active dairy co-operatives with milk coolers to increase milk sales by farmers. Milk coolers have continued to be installed in the county and to date 41 coolers are in place with a daily milk capacity of 127,000litres of milk.

The proposed milk processing plant will not only help us in value addition for our milk but also create job opportunities. I have formed a Joint Project Steering Committee, whose membership includes CEC Members and representatives from the farmers’ Co-operative unions, to implement this Milk Processing Plant project as one of our Flagship Projects.

My administration is also addressing the issue of poor breeds by supporting Dairy Co-operatives with Artificial Insemination kits to help their members improve their breeds. 69 fully equipped AI kits were procured and distributed to active Dairy Co-operatives through this initiative. 44 fully equipped motor-cycles have been acquired and are already being used by Animal Health Assistants who are doubling up as Artificial Inseminators. These Assistants were employed in June this Year.

Moving forward we will be constructing more milk cooling structures through a labour-based approach. This is in preparation for the installation of more milk cooling plants. A policy to this effect has been submitted to this house for approval.

Honourable Speaker,

In the last Financial Year, we renovated 59 cattle dips across the county and supplied 5,650 litres of Acaricides that had been procured. This was supplied to over 187 cattle dips across the county. We are also doing 60 more cattle dips this Financial Year.

We have also submitted to this Assembly a similar policy in constructing and renovating more dips across the County. This is to complement our initiatives aimed at controlling livestock diseases.

In the last Financial Year, we acquired three tractors, a disc plough, forage harvester and hay baler and stationed them at Kaimosi Farmers Training Centre (FTC) to train farmers on mechanization. This is part of our plan to encourage our farmers to shift to mechanized agriculture. In this Financial Year we have allocated resources to continue modernizing the facility.

Honourable Speaker,

To boost fish farming, we are setting up a Kshs.2.5 million County fish hatchery at the same Kaimosi ATC with a capacity of 600,000 fingerlings. We have managed to support 20 farmer-groups on excavation of ponds and sourcing of fingerlings.

Women, Persons Living with Disabilities and Youth groups have benefited from a distribution of one-month old indigenous chicks. A further Kshs.10 million has been budgeted for the purchase and distribution of chicks to more groups to enhance poultry farming in the County.

Additionally, we have distributed over 9,000 coffee seedlings and offered capacity building to farmers on marketing strategies, financing, trading, export logistics and market intelligence.

In our diversification efforts, we are promoting the planting of grafted avocadoes particularly Fuete and Hass varieties both for export and local consumption. Currently, the total area under avocado in the county is 101 Hectares. At the same time, farmers have been supported with potato seeds sourced from KARI-Molo to promote Irish Potato production.

Major renovations have been undertaken at the Kapsabet slaughterhouse. The improved facility now has the capacity of slaughtering 50 cows a day. A chicken slaughter house will also be constructed. The ASK show grounds will also undergoing renovations.

Hon. Speaker,
Hon. Members,

In Health and Sanitation…
When I came into office, I made a deliberate decision to personally and closely monitor service delivery in our health sector.

This sector had a number of challenges including lack of drugs in our health facilities, industrial action by health workers, lack of morale by health workers, few operational health facilities and lack of medical equipment.

In the past year, we have made great strides in ensuring a steady supply of drugs and non-pharmaceuticals to all our health facilities. This has been made possible due to timely clearance of bills owed to KEMSA.

10 new dispensaries have been renovated and plans are underway this Financial Year to renovate and equip over 90 primary health facilities including dispensaries and health centres. We have also opened two new maternity units and six others are nearing completion. Chepterwai, Kobujoi, Nandi Hills, Mosoriot, Meteitei and Kabiyet facilities are undergoing renovations.

To address the staff shortage in the health sector, we are employing additional health workers in various cadres. This includes 50 nurses, 60 clinical officers, 10 medical officers and two specialists among others.

Kapsabet County Referral Hospital is undergoing major upgrades that include the setting up of an oxygen plant, MRI, Renal dialysis unit and increase of the newborn nursery capacity. We have also purchased of two 385 KVA stand-by generator that will ensure a steady supply of power to Kapsabet and Nandi Hills hospital.

Other interventions include the construction and installation of a modern CT scanner that will significantly reduce the number of referrals to Eldoret and ensure quality healthcare is closer to the residents. These are just among measures that seek to ensure achievement of universal quality healthcare in line with the Big Four Agenda.

Honourable Speaker,

Under the Cuban expatriates exchange program, we have two specialists; a radiologist and a family medicine doctor. One of our doctors has gone to Cuba for specialized training under the same program.

Further, a massive NHIF enrollment program targeting 100,000 households is being rolled out to enable residents access specialized services from accredited facilities.

This is a sustainable approach to achieving Universal Health Care.

Under our flagship projects, we have also budgeted for the establishment of a Mother and Child hospital. Towards the realization of this, I have constituted a Joint Project Steering Committee to oversee the implementation of the project.

Honourable Speaker,

Under the Department of Administration, Public Service and e-Government;
I am glad to report that the Kapsabet Municipality Charter has been gazetted following the approval by this Honorable Assembly. This enabled us to confer Kapsabet town a Municipality status and consequently established the Kapsabet Municipality Board.

The inauguration of the Board has ignited high hopes and expectations in the people of Nandi County and especially the residents of Kapsabet Municipality who are looking forward to receiving better and quality services.

The Board will oversee the running of affairs of the Municipality and towns in general, and more specifically a number of functions namely; planning of the municipality; proper refuse collection; solid waste management services; addressing water and sanitation challenges; construction and maintenance of urban roads and associated infrastructure; construction and maintenance of walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure.

Other key functions to be performed by the Board are; the construction and maintenance of street lights; construction and maintenance of a fully equipped fire station, firefighting services, emergency preparedness and disaster management among others.

Overall, it is worth noting that the following projects are ongoing in the Department of Administration, Public service and e-Government. Already, the improvements and rehabilitation of pavements, parking bays and the bus park in Nandi Hills is now complete.

We have also completed the improvement of the drainage systems of Kapsabet Municipality and Nandi Hills towns, as well as the Urban Beautification of Mosoriot Urban Centre. The rehabilitation and improvement of Kapsabet Town Bus Park is also nearing completion.

A number of boda boda shades are under construction. Those nearing completion include Kiropket, Kapkobis, Baraton University, Meswo, Water Supply, Himaki, Lessos, Kaptumo, Mosoriot, Kobujoi, and Itigo Centres as well as Nandi Hills town.

As part of the Big 4 Agenda, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry Transport, Housing and Urban Development through the State Department of Housing and Urban Development that will see the implementation of affordable housing that will counter the problem of housing in Kapsabet Municipality and other urban areas within the county, with a target of 2,000 units by 2022. It is our hope that the construction of these housing units will engage our people and we therefore look forward to creation of new jobs especially to our youths.

Again there was no proper placement of staff with majority of them being on temporary employment with no clear terms of service. Additionally, there were no developed human resource policies to govern the public service systems, lack of organization of staff structure and incomplete infrastructures in the ICT sector.

As you are aware, we undertook a human resource audit in regards to the staff establishment of casual workers which led to their proper placement and identification of capacity gaps.

To create an effective Public Service, we have signed Performance Contracts between me and the CEC Members, and between the CEC Members and their Chief Officers. The same will be cascaded down to all the officers in the County Public Service. This is aimed at creating a functional Public Service that inculcates a customer-focused approach with measured results. This is guided by the need to reform the work ethic culture to reflect the need for productivity and value for money.

Honourable Speaker,

We recently advertised the Nandi County Internship Program that will benefit 400 Youth annually. The sole objective of this program is to equip and prepare our youth for job opportunities in the market. The County’s Internship Program Policy developed by the department will be rolled out beginning January 2019. 200 youths will be the first lot to benefit from the program. The internship program will run bi-annually for the next four years with an aim of benefitting as many graduates within the county as possible.

The Integrated Human Resource Management Information System (IHRMIS) is being rolled out. The system will assist in automating all processes in the Human Resource management and will ensure efficiency in the delivery of services.

Through the Kenya Devolution Support Program (KDSP), Human Resource policies have been developed that will enhance service delivery in the departments. They will be submitted to this Honourable house for approval in due course.

Additionally, the department intends to carry out training of staff in all departments to equip them with work related skills that will enhance their capacity.

Further, the just completed headcount and ongoing verification of staff records will ensure that all staff are properly placed as per their academic/professional qualifications and eventually have required staff confirmed in service.

Mr. Speaker,
Honourable Members,

Under ICT and e-Government, a number of systems and infrastructure are in place and will be launched officially towards the end of January 2019.

They include the following;

The Health Management Information System (HMIS whose implementation will enable the Health sector improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, improved revenue collection and reduced health care cost.

The upgraded the Revenue System that has seen rates collections go paperless with the aim of increasing revenue collections. Such can be seen in the payment of parking fees and all other fees payable to the county. This is available at www.revenue.nandi.go.ke.

The revamped website, which seeks to promote access to information by the public. All information on all County Government services, projects, programs and activities are available here.

The Asset and Inventory Management System platform is in place and this will ensure we collect and manage all county inventories. This site is available at www.inventory.nandicounty.go.ke

The roll out of the Suppliers Portal www.suppliers.nandicounty.go.ke, to allow continuous pre-qualification of suppliers.

A Fleet Management System will be implemented this Financial Year 2018-2019 to manage all County Automobiles to ensure efficiency in fuel management, tracking and general maintenance.

A Performance Management System will also be set up to enhance employees’ performance contracting and appraisals.

A similar Agriculture Platform through to capture all relevant data of our farmers will also be set up this financial year.

Honourable Speaker,

The construction of the ICT Centre in Kapsabet town has been completed, is now in use. Our youth can access ICT services at this centre.
In collaboration with the Information, Communications and Technology, the Ajira Program targeting to train over 2,000 youths on online opportunities has been rolled out. A number of staff and youths have already benefited from this initiative.

In partnership with Computer for Schools Kenya, we now have computer labs in all the 14 Vocational Training Centres. Once fully equipped and properly networked, our youth in the VTCs will access new technologies and enhanced learning.

We have also signed an MOU and Agreements with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology that will see the setting up of; a Data Centre to ensure process of automation has a solid infrastructure support; a Call Centre to provide support to citizens especially on emergencies (Hospital emergencies, Disaster Emergencies and general inquiry and access to information) this to be done through a toll-free number.

Moreover, we have developed ICT, Communications and Public Relations policies that are now ready for tabling at the County Executive Committee. The Policies will help improve operational efficiency and exchange of information so as to maintain a competitive edge. Again, this policy will guide operations and ensure we address information and data security being hosted in various systems and what can be done in case of any breaches.

Mr. Speaker Sir,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

On Trade, Investment and Industrial Development,
It is important to note that the activities of public and private sector enterprises play an important role in achieving high economic growth rate and improving the living standards of a people.

In realization of this, my administration is promoting Nandi as a trade and investment hub by engaging key stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally.

Already, we have an MOU with Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) towards the establishment of EPZ industrial parks in Chemase, Tindiret Sub County. The establishment of this EPZ will go a long way in creating employment and improving the infrastructure development. Our talks with Twiga Chemicals have been fruitful, and they are relocating to give way for the establishment of the EPZ.

I have also constituted a Joint Project Steering Committee to ensure a textile apparel unit and a leather processing plant are established and equipped. This facility will train and employ our youth. The project will be implemented in collaboration with Rivatex East Africa Limited, which will include tailoring units.

Further, in partnership with Meru greens and SNV Netherlands Organization, we have constructed a 10 Metric ton cold room storage facility worth Kshs 2.5 million for horticulture farmers at Kibiok Market in Nandi Hills Sub-County. Through the partnership with SNV and Meru Greens 1,500 farmers have been contracted to produce French beans. Out of these, 214,976 Kilograms have been exported and Kshs. 8,599,040 income realized in the county.

To spur growth in the manufacturing sector, we have started a program of giving bursaries to learners in Technical Institutions that is aimed at helping them acquire the necessary skills required for this critical sector.

Several Capacity Building programmes for 800 young entrepreneurs have also been rolled out to strengthen cottage industries. Our main focus is on ceramics, brick making, yoghurt making among others.

Our youth, who play a key role in this sector have for a long time been victims of alcoholism. But through an Inter-Governmental Agency approach on fight against Drug abuse and Alcoholism, we have managed to control alcohol consumption by 65% within the county. However, we still face the challenge of influx of second generation and illicit liquor from neighbouring countries. We are working with law enforcement agencies to bring this to an end.

The Lake Region Economic Bloc has identified Nandi County as the leader for the Trade and Investment pillar. This means that we will play a central role in policy formulation and strategies in the Trade and Investments Pillar.

To formalize our engagement in this bloc, the Lake Region Economic Bill, 2018 is before the Assembly, of which I am informed has been subjected to the general public to submit views. I want to assure that we will abide by the recommendations of this Honourable House.

Nandi County is also a key player in the North Rift Economic Bloc. Towards the revitalization of the NOREB bloc, I seconded my Economics Advisor Dr. Dominic Biwott to serve as the bloc as the C.E.O.
This economic bloc gives us the opportunity to pull resources together towards development of the Tourism circuit, value addition processes and others.

Honourable Speaker,

Under Transport and Infrastructure
When I came into office, this crucial department was faced with a number of challenges. Road construction equipment were few, with most of them having been grounded, theft of tyres, impassible roads, inadequate bridges on crucial roads, misuse of little fuel supply among others.
Immediately we got into office, we embarked on a massive program to improve all roads network in the County in appreciation that motorable roads are essential for catalyzing sustainable economic development.

The acquisition of road machinery comprising of a low loader, two excavators, two drum rollers, four backhoes, 18 tipper Lorries and a fuel tanker have ensured sustained works to ensure our roads are motorable. As a consequence, we have so far graded 781.5kms, graveled 273kms and dozed 220kms of roads across all the six sub counties.

To achieve the desired results, we need to properly plan and manage the existing road machinery including proper fuel monitoring to avoid pilferages and waste. I ask the Transport Committee of the County Assembly to work with our department towards the same. We will also hire more equipment to compliment support works of the county machinery.

A county workshop unit will be constructed to be used for maintenance of county machines. This will reduce theft of spares and quality provision of quality and timely repair services.
I am confident that the acquisition of these equipment coupled with prudent management will go a long way in offering a lasting solution to the problems we have experienced in the transport sector.

We have also set aside funds for the acquisition and installation culverts for proper drainage in our roads. Funds have also been set aside for construction of box culverts and footbridge’s across the county.

We will also ensure we work with national government authorities to prioritize some key roads to be upgraded to bitumen standards.

One of the major challenges we faced in this department was that most Youth, PWLDs and Women who were awarded contracts under the Road Levy Maintenance Fund (RLMF) failed to complete the works on time due to lack of financial capacity. In view of this, we are working with partners like the Youth Fund to enhance funding to these groups to enhance their capacity. We are also developing a policy to tabled to this Honourable house that will enable our Youth, Women and PLWD’s to lease county road equipment.

Honourbale Speaker,

With regards to Education, Research and Vocational Training…

Early Childhood Education is a crucial foundation stage for the education system in any county. My administration is putting in place concrete measures in ECDEs to ensure that the children of this great county get the right foundation. We have recruited additional 400 ECDE teachers that are expected to report in January.

At the same time, we have renewed contracts for 767 teachers with the new contracts being three-year contracts. A draft Scheme of Service is in place, and once approved by the Teachers Service Commission, our County will adhere to the proposed new terms.

To improve the ECDE infrastructure, construction of 60 ECDE centers; two in each of the 30 wards, is ongoing albeit in a very slow pace. We have submitted to this Assembly a policy on the use of a labour-based approach in constructing more ECDE Centers. This will address the challenges.

Honourable Speaker,

In the Financial Year 201/18, my administration disbursed bursary funds amounting to KShs.60 million to students in Secondary, Colleges, Universities, Tertiary Institutions and Special Needs category.

A total of 12,410 applications were received and 6,434 were successfully awarded bursaries. Universities/colleges had 2,043 students, VTCs had 1,169, Secondary 2,864 while Special needs students had 358 students benefiting.

In this FY2018/2019 the process has started with a view of disbursing another Kshs.60 million so that students can get their cheques when schools open in January 2019. More focus will be put on vocational training to ensure we train and produce the workforce needed to the drive economic growth of this County and Kenya at large. It has been proven that the best performing economies globally are largely driven by an education system that focuses on technical skills.
In partnership with Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB), efforts are in place to ensure quality learning in ECDE Centres and VTCs through the continuous distribution of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) approved Instructional materials. We have already distributed instructional learning materials to all 800 ECDE Centres and 12 VTCs across the County.

We have also undertaken to complete the construction of VTCs that had been neglected.

Following its gazettement, Koitalel Sameoi University now has the legal instruments to operate. This will be the first ever public university in the county. The establishment of the institution will not only uplift the education standards in our county, but will also improve the economy.

Honourable Speaker,

Lands, Environment and Natural Resources is one of the key sectors under the Big Four.

It should be noted that over the years, successive regimes and leaderships have failed to resolve the longstanding historical land injustices that the Nandi People suffered.

My administration through this department and with a strong support from the County Law Office has been able to prepare numerous claims in form of petitions that have since been presented before the National Land Commission.

On the 19th of March this year, we launched a comprehensive programme dubbed, “The Land Rights and Land Justice Programme” by a proclamation of ‘The Nandi Hills Declaration, 2018’, aimed at answering the Land Question in Nandi County once and for all. This prompted the National Land Commission to initiate hearings in regards to historical land injustices.

The groups that succeeded in presenting their claims include Kimondi Forest Squatters, Nandi Royal Trust, Tanzania Returnees, Savani Squatters, Kimasaas Farm, Chepkumia Exchange victims, among others. The National Land Commission has retreated to write their recommendations and in due course, we hope to get favourable rulings for our claimants.

Through the Directorate of Physical Planning, we have initiated the process of developing the Nandi County Spatial Plan which will cover the entire county. The plan is not only a legal requirement under Section 110 of the County Government Act, but also provides a basis to address development challenges within the County. Projects highlighted in the (County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) can only be implemented within a spatial framework.

The plan will zone land for various uses ranging from agricultural, industrial, commercial, educational, conservation areas, infrastructure, cultural among others.

Honourable Speaker,

Provision of safe and clean water remains a top priority of my administration. To this end, we are at 60% completion water projects intended to serve approximately 16,000 households across the county. I urge this Honourable house to properly identify the projects that will have greater impact.

Additionally, 99 of the water projects funded within Financial Year 2017/2018 at a tune of 138M shillings are ongoing across the County. The population to be served is expected to increase as more projects are completed.
I am also happy to report that the Implementation of Cheptil, Kimng’oror and Lelmokwo water projects in partnership with the Water Sector Trust Fund are now at 95 percent completion.

In supplementing our efforts, my administration is in the process of constructing four solar-powered water projects namely Kaplamai in Emgwen Sub-County, Chepsogor in Chesumei Sub-county, Potopoto in Tindiret Sub-County and Kimong in Mosop Sub-County. These model projects are expected to lower the operational costs by 70% ensuring continuous supply of water to residents. We have also acquired two drilling rigs at a cost of 59M to tap into the abundant underground water. The drilling rigs are awaiting certification by Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) and other certification authorities to commence operations.

The over Kshs. 500 million worth Nandi Hills Water Project is at an advanced stage in tendering. The project will serve the entire Nandi Hills town and its environs.

Honourable Speaker,

To increase vegetation cover and enhance environmental conservation, we have since planted 785,600 exotic and indigenous trees countywide in partnership with the Kenya Forestry Service, the Greenbelt Movement, Eastern Produce Kenya Limited and Siret OEP Company Limited. The trees have been planted in Gazetted forests, schools and the Kibirong Wetlands.
And to protect and conserve our catchment areas, we are in partnership with NEMA to remove eucalyptus trees from riparian lands within the County. We have also developed the Nandi County Climate Change Action Plan in partnership with the Green Belt Movement. Subsequently we developed the Draft Wetlands Management and Climate Change Policy and gazetted the County Environment Committee.

Mr. Speaker,
Honourable Members,

In the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare…
Despite Tourism being a potential investment in the region, the county has not tapped into this huge tourism potential.

To boost tourism, we are investing on better roads to attract tourists to our sites. Chepkiit Waterfalls is one of the tourist attraction sites earmarked for development and towards this end; we have undertaken to improve the road connecting Mlango Centre to the site.

Part and parcel of the Chepkiit waterfalls package is the design works being worked on to capture specific priority areas include fencing, construction of a ticket office, walk ways, security barriers, information centre, and water points among other basic facilities in Mlango old town.

To develop Nandi Rock, my administration sought to establish the land boundary for Nandi Rock tourism attraction site. A team of Surveyors and Tourism officers visited Nandi Rock and I am happy to report that the boundary has been established. This means that the immediate priorities to be done include fencing, construction of a gatehouse ticket office, establishment of nature trails, construction of a parking bay, toilets, shades and water points at designated areas. We will seek to budget for these resources and I therefore request for your support towards the same.

King’wal Swamp, one of the sites that we are seeking to market, is home to the rare aquatic antelope Sitatunga that are only found in Kenya and parts of Central Africa.
In partnership with Kenya Wild Life Service, we have invested in protecting the ecosystem and the antelope species that are threatened with extinction due to human-wildlife conflict.

Sports and cultural tourism too is an undiscovered gold mine in the region. There is more to offer in sports, cultural and Agri-tourism, which if exploited could also provide employment opportunities.

Therefore, we have initiated the process of signing an MOU with National Museums of Kenya on cultural preservation and development. The MOU will pave way for close collaboration between the County and National Museums in the area of culture including exchange of information, material and personnel for cultural development.

Honourable Speaker,

The Social Welfare Sector has partnered with National Council for Persons Living with Disabilities to provide assistive devices for PWDs.

The Social Welfare Sector has been at the forefront of ensuring that PWDs are incorporated in my administration.

We distributed assistive and mobility devices to more than sixty beneficiaries during this year’s International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

They included special seats, tough-rider wheelchairs, tricycles and business wheelchairs. Other devices such as White cane, hearing aids, prosthesis, light protective devices, and crutches will be issued early next year.

We have also identified and vetted a selection of registered PWD and Women groups across the County to ensure genuine PLWDs benefit from the tenders allocated to them.96 of such groups were issued with sewing machines to enhance their socio- economic empowerment. The Sector also assisted in co-ordinating the UN Women and 150 PWD Workshops on Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) held in October 2018.

The Department played a crucial during the Mudslides/Landslides that affected several places in Tindiret, Aldai and Mosop sub counties early this year and worked together with Red Cross and national government in alleviating human suffering.

We have also drafted the Nandi County Volunteerism Bill which seeks to nurture a culture of volunteerism is ready for presentation to the County Executive Committee and subsequently to the County Assembly for approval.

Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members,

We pride ourselves as The Source of Champions,
In the Department of Sports, Youth Affairs and Arts
We us government recognize the importance of Sports and Arts in building capacities for our youth that enable them to participate effectively in socio-economic development as well as maintain good health.

Nandi County is endowed with talented men and women who need to be nurtured and exposed to competition for the purpose of realizing their optimum potential.

Our athletes continue to perform very well in local and international events. Let me take this opportunity once again to congratulate and honour the 2018 BMW Berlin World Marathon Record holder Eliud Kipchoge for his exemplary performance.
Kipchoge has entered into the books of history for smashing the World Record by more than a minute. Two days ago, he was named the IAAF 2018 male athlete of the year. Amos Kipruto also did us proud too by finishing second at the same Marathon.

Gladys Cherono also demonstrated exemplary performance in the Women category by recording the fastest women’s time in the world this year.

I will not forget to mention Julius Yego (Javelin), Conseslus Kipruto (who won Gold in the 3,000m steeplechase in the 2017 World Championships, 2018 Commonwealth games and Africa Championships), Janet Jepkosgey (800M), and Pamela Jelimo(800M), and Abel Kirui who changed to marathon.

They are known for flying Kenya’s flag high. Just recently, Cynthia Jerop won the 2018 Kass and Standard Chartered Marathons. As a Source of Champions, we are proud of their achievements.

To boost morale and offer better training facilities for our athletes, we are constructing the Eliud Kipchoge Sports Complex that will boast a 200 bed capacity residential training facility.

We are also working with the national government towards the completion of the Kipchoge Keino Stadium, and improvement of more sporting facilities which include Nandi Hills, Kaptumo and Maraba,

Honourable Speaker,

During the year under review, we have also sponsored a number of our youth to various sporting competitions in a bid to nurture and tap their talents. The sporting events include Ndalaat Gaa Cross-country, Kass, Standard Chartered and Eldoret City Marathons.
Nandi County has been part sponsor for the 13th edition of the Isaiah F. Kiplagat Memorial Cross-country, Kass Marathon and Eldo-City marathon.

I am also proud to announce that Nandi will host this year’s Kenya Youth Inter-County Sports Association Games. So far, 22 counties have confirmed their participation at the event, with over 8,000 guests expected at the week-long sports extravaganza. I urge the business community to take advantage of this event to boost their sales.

Honourable Speaker,

In collaboration with the Youth Enterprise Development Fund, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Local Purchase/Supply Order financing. So far, this has enabled our Youth who won tenders to access youth-friendly loans of up to KShs.6,000,000 with no security required.

We have also increased the percentage of tenders awarded to youth, women and Persons Living with Disabilities from the stipulated 30% to 50%.
I urge the youth to take up this opportunity to register companies and get Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) certificates that will be used for award of tenders.

Finally, Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Finance and Economic Planning Department is really the enabler and facilitator to all the other Departments.

This Department has been coordinating the planning, mobilization of public resources and ensuring effective accountability for use of the resources for the sole benefit of the residents of Nandi County.

We recorded a marginal increase in our revenue collection because our overall revenue base performance has not been in line with the projections due to various legal concerns and systemic issues. Currently, the Government is facing a legal battle with the tea sector (Multi-Nationals) on remittance of CESS which if received would boost the county revenue and assist in the construction and maintenance of roads for accessibility within the tea growing arrears in the County.

However, in a bid to ensuring that we optimize on the revenue collection, the County Treasury is in the process of carrying out a revenue baseline survey to find out its revenue potential from all the revenue streams. Before the end of the financial year, the department intends to do a rigorous revenue collection exercise through a re-launch of the digitized revenue collection system for assessment, revenue target setting and cubing of all revenue leakages.

It is worth noting that revenue from Kiborgok tea farm has increasingly improved by approximately 80% since the change of the managing client to Chebut Tea Factory. This is subject to the contract entered thereto on February this year.

The County Treasury is in the process of reviewing the valuation rolls for rating purposes both in the commercial and residential properties. The revenue sector shall be enforcing the values in the rolls to ensure that all ratable property owners comply with the rating act and the chargeable rates as set in the Finance Act. With the approval of the Finance Bill 2018 and its subsequent enactment we anticipate a tremendous increase in the local revenue.

In support to the implementation of the Big Four Agenda on housing, the County Treasury has since presented to the County Assembly for approval an enactment a bill for standard tenant purchase scheme policy aimed at promoting tenants/purchasers to a convenient way of accessing premises. I urge this honorouble house to speed up the passage of this bill.

I am glad to report that we have ensured an enhanced openness and transparency in the budgeting process. This has been achieved by constituting the Nandi County Budget and Economic Forum to provide an avenue for public participation in planning and the budget making process.

The department also spearheaded successful public participation across the county which allowed the public contribute on matters that affect them and how development should be carried out.

In line with the Second Schedule of Public Finance Management Act, we have moved away from line-item budgeting system to a program-based budgeting model that links funding of departments to the results they deliver.

We have also automated Revenue collection to seal leakages, improve efficiency as well as monitor performance.

The 2018-2022 County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) was successfully reviewed and the mainstreaming of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the CIDP was adopted to steer the County plans.

The Finance Bill and the 2018/2019 Annual Development Plan ADP have been tabled in this Assembly. They capture the programmes that will be implemented in the Financial Year 2018/2019.

The department has also made a major milestone in establishing a County Monitoring and Evaluation under the Economic Planning Section. The unit will provide the government with reliable mechanisms for measuring the efficiency of government programes and projects and the effectiveness of Public policy in achieving the intended objective.

The unit has designated Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) officers in all the County departments to oversee the implementation of departmental programmes and projects. It has also spearheaded the formation of a functional M & E Technical Oversight Committees to institutionalize the Culture of M & E in all the county structures.

In a bid to strengthen the institutional framework for County Integrated & System, the department has in collaboration with the other departments prepared a County M&E policy and framework which is due for forwarding to the Cabinet for approval and adoption.

A first ever county wide Monitoring and Evaluation exercise was conducted by County officers to document the implementation status of County projects and programmes to form baseline data for the newly approved CIDP 2018-2022. For evidence based tracking of the CIDP, the unit plans to prepare a CIDP indicator hand book that will be linked to the performance Contracting System.Finally, the e-Payment is now operational, thanks to the implementation of the Integrated Finance Management Information System (IFMIS).

In conclusion Mr. Speaker,

May I reiterate that as we collectively make Nandi County a better place to live in, we must recognize our strength in diversity.

My office remains inclusive and open to proposals and ideas on how to achieve the Transformational Agenda as envisaged in my manifesto and our CIDP.

As the Assembly takes the well-deserved recess, I wish you good health as you retreat back to our wards for the festive season. I appreciate most sincerely the support, positive criticism and valuable proposals that I have received from this house on how to make our county better. I look forward to deeper and greater cooperation next year.

Lastly, let me also take this opportunity to wish the people of Nandi County Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2019.

God Bless You, God Bless Nandi. Thank you.

Hon. Stephen K. Araap Sang
Governor, Nandi County.”

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