Fr. Boyle Kabolebo queens arrive in Burundi ready for East Africa scouts competition.

The little known Fr. Boyle Kabolebo secondary school girl scouts “the Queens” from the rural village of Maraba in Tinderet sub county in Nandi have entered Burundi soil.

To cover more than 1,500 kilometres by road in less than 72 hours can be a taxing affair to many. Not to mention being among a contingent of more than 2,000 people being cleared at a slow and relaxed three countries border posts.

One would expect the over 600 students and over 200 officials and coaches on their way to the annual East Africa Scouts Competitions, Burundi, to feel the effects of the journey, but that was not the case as they chatted animatedly among themselves.

Going to a foreign country is not a usual thing and, as Chepng’etich the troop leader, puts it, “It’s a lifetime achievement.

This is the story Fr. Boyle Kabolebo Queens will live to tell.

The East African Scout Competition is an annual event held with the aim of promoting interaction and shared learning among the scouts as well as promoting integration among people of the East Africa Community. Children from Fr. Boyle Kabolebo Secondary School became county and regional and national champions earlier in 2018 and nothing could stop them from achieving their goal to attend the competition in Burundi, despite their challenges.

The Team is led by the school Patron Mr. Ben Lagat.

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