Factory directors elected as calls for better pay for tea farmers intensify.

Elections for Chebut-Kaptumo tea factory directors has been concluded amid calls for the new officials to push for the interests of farmers.

Speaking after the elections, former Konoin MP Julius Kones applauded farmers for electing new officials saying their precedents did not have farmers’ interests at heart.

“The entire team has been swept out and a new team has been elected. We hope that this new team are going to work with the farmers unlike the previous team that after being elected they forgot the farmers,” said Kones.

He said the elections will be the beginning of the reforms process since they will be able to have a new board at Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) because that is a farmers entity.

“One the major issues which we have from the western block tea growing is that farmers have been getting low returns even compared to other farmers particularly from the eastern province. Our push is going to make sure that farmers across the country are paid the same price,” he said.

The elected directors are Nelson Bitok from North zone), Kennedy Tanui from South east, Noah Choge from lessos, Richard kebmoi from east, Alfred Mwei from central and Robert Kipkemvoi from south west who was elected an opposed.

Two deligated Gilbert Chongei and Jane too were also elected.

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