Ensure revenue sharing is fair to all counties, says Chesumei MP.

Ensure revenue sharing does not shortchange some counties, Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo has urged Senate.

Kogo said taxpayers were eager to see fairness in the distribution of revenue and not a formula that will tender some counties losers.

“I want to urge the senators to ensure each county gets its deserving share. It will be unfair to deprieve one county it’s share in order to give to another. We are all Kenyans and they should be justice and equity in distribution of resources,” said Kogo.

The MP said the resources should be shared fairly because every Kenyan pays taxes.

“The formula should not benefit others at the expense of other people. Let the formula be satisfactory to every Kenyan,” he said.

The legislator said current formula was good but required some changes that will promote equity.

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