Elgeyo Marakwet County Government supports farmers in Cherangany Chebororwo ward.

The County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet has distributed 80 beehives to 8 groups and 200bags of 1kg Boma Rhodes pasture to 200 farmers in Cherangany Chebororwo ward.

Ward representative Tich Cheboi said that the initiative will improve socio economic status in the area.

He said that the beehives distributed is going to be a source of income for youths.

Cheboi added that since his ward has no registered cooperative society they are going to organize all registered groups in order to form a cooperative society.

“We shall have a cooperative society responsible for processing honey and milk in this area in the future,”said Cheboi.

David Kandie ward administrator urged the the beneficiaries to make the projects a reality adding that county government is willing to support them.

Kandie also said the Boma Rhodes will enhance milk production in the area.

Among other projects that recently handed over to residents include posho mill for Saremek women group in Kaptiony, ward office and several roads which include Umeme road, Mosongo water projects.

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