Efforts to curb livestock diseases in North Rift underway.

A partnership between two economic blocs has signalled a possible end to preventable livestock diseases that have been generating losses to farmers.

The North Rift and Lake Region Economic Blocs are developing a policy framework that will lead to implementation of strategies to prevent Notifiable Livestock diseases in the two regions.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, representatives of the two blocs held a workshop where they pledged to work together in ending the livestock menace.

County attorneys, Chief Executive Officers of the two blocs and county directors from 22 counties vowed to ensure the developed policies were fully implemented.

The workshop took place in Kisumu.

Host CEO Migiro Omwancha said the efforts would promote food security and cushion farmers from losses.
NOREB CEO Dominic Biwott said livestock diseases were a threat to farmers but the policies will ensure there were timely responses to eradicating the diseases in the two regions.

“It is impossible to isolate LREB from NOREB livestock development intervention as the two region are trading partners when it comes to livestock and livestock products. So naturally, working together is the way to go and this is just the beginning many INTER-BLOC partnership between ourselves as NOREB and our neighbours LREB” CEO Noreb Dr.Biwot said.

The draft policy framework will presented as a bill to County Assemblies in the 22 devolved units for ratification.
Once approved, it will be easier for the two blocs to coordinate disease control and general animal care.


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