Don’t accept to be used to cause chaos, youths in Nandi County told.

Youths in Nandi County have been advised to be on the look out for politicians seeking to use them to cause chaos ahead of 2022 general elections.

Nandi Youth Bunge President Nicholas Kibet asked youths to be accommodating to the views of all political leaders without trying to be biased and prevent some aspirants from meeting with locals.
“I want to urge all the youths, especially bodaboda operators, to shun politicians inciting them to bring disunity among people,” said Mr Kibet.

Kibet called upon the youths to make use of social media in a good way and not to share defamatory messages that can bring disunity among the locals.

Supporting him was Robert Misoi who called upon the leaders to empower the youths instead of misusing them.

“I want to tell all the leaders and aspiring leaders to empower this youths, let them use their talents so that they can be busy,” Misoi said.

The two youth leaders advised youth to do farming and look for tenders to grow financially.

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