Cutting of trees in Kapsabet town raises uproar.

A move by Nandi County Government to cut down some trees in Kapsabet town to pave way for installation of street lights has received condemnation.

Stakeholders led by Chair of Lands and Natural Resources in Nandi County Assembly Osborn Komen said the cutting down of trees was mischievous and detrimental to the environment.

Addressing the media in Kapsabet town, the furious Terik Ward MCA said the town’s natural beauty had been eroded unnecessary adding that the claim that it was blocking the installation of street lights was a deceitful excuse.

“How did the municipality arrive at the decision. The move is recklessly destructive to our ecosystem,” bursted Komen.

The MCA asked the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to take legal action against officials involved in the exercise.

“The same destructive action has been committed in other places in the recent past. Trees have been fell at Cheptarit Polytechnic and Kapsabet County Referral Hospital,” Komen claimed.

Komen said it was unfortunate that institutions that should be promoting environmental protection are involved in it’s degradation.

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