Crack the whip on Azimio la Umoja one Kenya Alliance – Senator Cherargei calls upon NCIC.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has warned against Azimio la Umoja public engagements, claiming to be fanning political division among Kenyans in the country.

He raised concerns to the National Cohesion Integration Commission (NCIC) over what he claimed that Raila Odiga-led brigade is all-out to whip the public emotions which threaten peace and political stability for their selfish political interest.

Speaking on Friday April 21st during the celebration of Eid Ul-Fitr in Kapsabet, the vocal lawmaker accused the former Prime Minister of raising unreasonable demands that compromise the constitutional principles and hinder Kenya Kwanza government delivering of its economic agenda.

“I want to challenge NCIC to take legal action against leaders perpetrating tribalism and incitements in the said Azimio la Umoja Baraza. They cannot get away with such criminal acts involving peddling propaganda hatred along tribal lines,” he stated.

He castigated the opposition leader for his post-election protest notoriety and a guest of electoral reforms which he claimed that the presidential elections were free and fair, and termed concerns raised by Raila are the smokescreen of his real intentions.

“The town hall meetings are deemed an incitement arena and Raila is resuscitating his political momentum to force himself into the government through handshake or Kofi Annan-like arrangements. We shall engage the Azimio through a seven-side bipartisan committee exceptionally on issues affecting Kenyans,” argued Sen. Cherargei, claiming that the Kenya Kwanza government is guided by the rule of law and no one should push their personal interests at expense of ailing economy.

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