Colonial injustices remembered in a ceremony century later in Nandi county.

Chilling memories of over 100 years since Talai clans among the Nandi community suffered from the brutality of the British colonialists were recalled on 8th November in Kapsisiywa in Nandi County.

Political leaders and elders from the community spoke of historical injustices inflicted by imperialists including dispossessing of land, confiscation of livestock and harassment that their people suffered.

Among those who suffered most included the Talai people where Nandi leader who led resistance Koitalel Samoei came from.

The Talai were deprived of their land and settled at Kapsisiywa, a dreaded place that was infested with tsetse flies.
Their current spokesperson and elder James Basi said despite deliberate plan to eliminate their parents, they survived.
“God had good plans for our parents and the future of our people. We celebrate their resilience,” said Rev Bassy.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang who was in attendance called on the National government through the Senate to fullfil their promise of 10 billion shillings that was pledge by president Uhuru Kenyatta to the Talai clan.

Using gishu Governor Jackson Mandago, area MP Wilson Kogo and a section of  member of county were also in attendance whereby they supported Governor Sang sentiments.

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