Children are not safe in schools — MP Wilson Kogo

A legislator from Nandi County who is also a member of the Education Committee in the National Assembly has said schools were not safe for children.

Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo said the Ministry of Education was forcing schools to reopen yet the instituions were not prepared to accommodate learners during this Covid-19 period.

Kogo said there were congestions and poor hygiene, which were predisposing learners and teachers to possible spread of the viral disease.

The legislator said the Government did not construct extra classrooms and funds to schools have been delayed making it impossible for schools to set up adequate washing equipment and provide water for hand washing.

“I call upon Professor George Magoha to be honest to Kenyans on the safety of the students as the schools open,” he said as he accused the education Cabinet Secretary of dishonesty.

“Being a member of the education committee in Parliament, I feel disappointed because we are not being honest to ourselves on matters of education and safety of our students in our schools. There are no funds, no buildings that have been constructed,” said Kogo.

Kogo said in his constituency out of 179 schools only 15 primary schools were constructed. He said that most schools are not ready to take measures that are supposed to be taken to manage Covid 19.

“Also I want to urge the government to give teachers personal protective equipment because they are also in the front line protecting our children,” said Kogo.

Kogo also urged those in the matatu sector to follow Covid protocols as they carry the students to schools.

Kogo said that it was high time the government came out clearly and accepted that corona was with us and it has to be managed.

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