Chesumei MP asks government to reopen schools.

Chesumei member of Parliament Wilson Kogo has asked the government to reopen schools since Covid-19 cases are decreasing suggesting that the curve may be flattening.

The MP also expressed doubt in measures being put by government to curb the spread of the virus saying that not all Covid-19 containment measures will work out in schools.

” The government should put realistic measures to curb the spread of the virus in schools, one meter rule may not be possible owing to the fact that some schools have many learners and adding more classrooms will  take a lot of time and resources” he said

The legislator who is also a member of the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Education said the government should adopt possible Schools’ opening protocols since there might be no funds for additional building structures.

The legislator also asked  the government come clear on  how the Ksh. 1.9 Billion school desks program will be shared to benefit all schools in each constituency.

He argued that according to the parliamentary committee on education which he sits at least 10 primary and 10 secondary schools in each sub-county stand to benefit from the government purchased locally assembled desks.

” In my constituency i have 174 Primary schools and more than 60 Secondary schools, how are we going to share them?” He said

The MP also faulted the government for putting pressure on headteachers and board of management to prepare and make schools habitable for learning ahead of their reopening yet they do not offer  financial support.

The government through President Uhuru Kenyatta closed all schools after the outbreak of Covid-19 in March.




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