Chemno not slowing down on diversification bandwagon.

Uasin Gishu Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno has underscored the reasons he shall continue supporting the gospel of diversification until farmers pick up the call to sow alternative high value crops.

The DG speaks on the need to diversify and adopt big money fetching crops as avocado, coffee and macademia, as well as other high value fast maturing crops.

He speaks just a week after accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta to China, where a deal for Kenya to export avocado, was brokered.

“I was in China with the President a week ago and we realized that there’s market for Kenyan avocadoes, “said the DG.

He adds “…I interacted with an exporter who says he has already sold 20 million pieces in China and says there’s still a growing demand for the fruit.”

Speaking during a burial in Cheplelaibei in Soy Sub-County on Tuesday, the DG also brushed off critics that have been working against the diversification sensitizing program spearheaded by the County Government of Uasin Gishu.

According to statistics, a kilogram of Grade 1 coffee, in the Nairobi Coffee exchange, trades off at Ksh 620, while the other grades sell off at an average of Sh 420. An acre of coffee fetches you over Ksh 1.5 million per year, according to the DG.

The DG also said 70 macademia trees can be planted on an acre of land. The “luxury” nut, as is called by some, only grows in hot conditions, meaning Africa is the most ideal area.

The Deputy Governor also spoke on the need for the electorate to enrol into the national medical scheme, NHIF, adding that the scheme can now cater for chronic diseases as cancer which is fast becoming the a major cause of death in Kenya.

“…just sell one or two bags of maize and pay get NHIF cover for a whole year. This insurance is very important and it pays for diseases like cancer and diabetes.”

Also, the DG wrapped up by asking the public to undertake regular check-ups, saying diseases like cancer can be treated when detected in time, during early stages.

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