Chemelil squatters to get land.

Over 200 Chemelil Sisal squatters  in Tindiret Subcounty have been assured of resettlement.

National Land Commission has through the Nandi County government to resettle the squatters in a 1440 acres of land.

Confirming the directive, Governor Stephen Sang said the resettlement was part of a process to address historical injustices in the region.

“My administration set out an advisory technical committee and extended the services of county law office administered and resort by the lands department,” said Sang.

Sang said his government used different forums like National Land Commission, ministry of lands, Kenya forest service, ministry of agricultural and its agencies, privatization task force and direct interventions for presentation.

“In all forums we have seen great milestone and seen great successes such as the gazettement of favourably findings by the National Land Commission,” said Governor Sang.

He said they have heard a lot of challenges from detractors and beneficiaries of historical injustices had attempted to derail their efforts but they managed to Dispense legally.

He said ask the ministry of Lands to expedize the process of title deeds and allocations for the squatters.

“This is only but the start in our commitment to our vision in ensuring that we address all historical injustices has captured in Nandi hills declaration,” said Sang

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