BHRC slam Natembeya’s shoot to kill order.

Human Rights organization in Baringo County has expressed concern over the shoot-to-kill order recently issued by the Rift Valley Region Commissioner George Natembeya.

Speaking to media, Baringo Human Rights consortium (BHRC) secretary Samson Kiptim asked Natembeya to re-think  his shoot to kill order claiming that the measure will not help in stopping the thieves who are apart from being armed with guns, they have years of experience in avoiding the police.

Kiptim regretted that such a move is usually followed by massive security operations which might lead to more killings.

“This practice negates the constitution which protects the rights to life and security of persons”Kiptim said urging the authorities to avoid committing human rights atrocities in the name of restoring peace in Baringo.

The BHRC is calling on the government to redistribute firearms to all National Police Reservist in Baringo County, as a permanent solution to the problem of insecurity.

Kiptim says the government made a serious mistake in dismissing National Police Reservists (NPR) officerd who Kiptim says they have special ability to deal with criminals who invade their homes at midnight adding that the NPR were well-skilled and experienced in covering terrain.

Kiptim has warned the government against a repeat of the mistake that occurred in the Baragoi valley where, many officers were brutally murdered for not being aware of their operating environment.

Late last week, Natembeya  held a meeting with security chiefs in Kabarnet where he announced that the government has no option but to issue shoot to kill order to bandits who have been causing havoc in parts of Baringo County.

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