BBI proposals should be reviewed before referendum— Chesumei MP.

Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo wants the proposals in the Building Bridges Intiative (BBI) reviewed before referendum is conducted.

Kogo said there were grey areas in the report that required changes before the document was subjected to a referendum.

The MP said some of the key issues were raised by Deputy President William Ruto at Bomas of Kenya when the document was unveiled.

Among them were the need to reconsider the issue of inclusive governance, independence of the judiciary, security, and gender representation among others.

“If you were keen enough, you could realized that there was short of inclusivity in the raft of proposals stipulated in the in the document. We still appeal for an input overtures to better structured articles to foster good governance,” Said Kogo.

He pointed out the reinforcement of devolution through 5% ward development funds in the counties accusing architects of the referendum to be luring the MCA’s for the sake of voting.

He cited that the national government has no money to adequately facilitate the devolution effectively.

“We are still deliberating on the nature of the issues entailed in the BBI document and soon we shall rally our people either in support or against it. The question of winner take all has not been addressed well as it should be.” Stated the legislator.
Calling for the issue based driven conversation on country’s economy and distributive development.

The MP also alleged that many leaders were sidelined during the process of proposing amendments to the constitution through BBI.

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