Baringo commissioner gives directive on raging floods.

Baringo County Commissioner Henry Wafula is now calling upon his deputies in rural areas to encourage all citizens to be more cautious and to avoid areas that are prone to landslides this rainy season.

He cites that, a case of land slide at Chesegon in Elgeiyo Marakwet County can as well occur in Baringo areas where floods occur each year indicating that Marigat, Tenges and Sirwa are most vulnerable areas.

Therefore, he warned residents living in flood and landslide prone areas in the county to be cautious and move to higher grounds to avert disaster following the heavy rains that continue to pound.

Wafula says administrative officials have responsibility to put emphasize on residents to move to safer areas this rainy season, to avoid loss of lives and property.

Following the Chesegon disaster, in which at least 12 people have lost their lives and about 400 residents left homeless, The Director of the weather forecast Department Stella Aura has issued a public alert that more rains will be expected across the country in the next 7 days, thus encouraging citizens to take extra precautions to avoid areas prone to landslides with fishermen being warned of the danger of encountering a severe storm at the ocean and lakes.

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