Appeal against ruling removing Jamia Mosque commitee thrown out.

A  group of muslim faithful have something to smile about after an Eldoret High Court dismissed an appeal to overturn an earlier ruling by a lower court that directed for the audit of the Jamia Mosque finances, assets and their removal.

The appeal had been filled by a Commitee that was in charge of the Eldoret Jamia Mosque where Eldoret High Court Judge Hellen Omondi dismissed the appeal and allowed the process of installing new Commitee and an audit of all finances and assets of the Jamia Mosque since 1990.

Earlier, a group of Muslim faithful led by the Secretary General of North Rift Youth Daawa Jamal Diriwo Mungatana had filed the case accusing the Committee of engaging in graft and mismanagement of the Mosque finances.

Mungatana said that it is a win for all muslims and that justice had finally been served to Muslims in Eldoret.

Jamaal Mungatana.

“We’re happy that the appeal has been dismissed and this now paves way for the eradication of all corruption and misuse of Muslim resources at the Jamia Mosque. We have been waiting for this rulling for the past four years,” Mung’atana said

According to Mungatana, an Eldoret Law Court had in 2016 ordered the removal of the Jamia Mosque Commitee and also directed to give account of all the assets and financial records for the mosque.

“The dismissal of the appeal now allows for the implementation of all the orders that the court had delivered including their removal from the Mosque and being restrained from handling anything that relates to Jamia mosque,” he noted.

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