Anti-corruption team root for devolution of the fight against graft.

The National Anti-corruption Campaign Committee is pushing for devolution of the fight against corruption.

The team wants the process enabled through establishment of Attorney General’s offices at the devolved units.
Noting that the graft cases recorded in various counties risk to fail the realization of devolution progress, the National Anti-Corruption Campaign committee team in the office of attorney General claimed that the national government is focus to get rid of mismanagement of the public resources.

Speaking during the mobilization exercise in Nandi, the chair of the National Anti-Corruption Campaign team whoul doubles as the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the office of the attorney general Department of Justice, Prof. Micheni Ntiba, said that having attorney General’s liason offices in the deviloved governments help to oversee the governance in the grassroots.

“The attorney General’s offices in the counties will help in coordination with head offices in Nairobi. As the department set to mitigate the cancerous vise in the counties, the campaign team will deliberate on the strategies of sensitising the public on their social social responsibilities, “he said.

The state came after the cabinet secretary for the interior Dr. Fred Matiang’i accused the Judiciary in he claimed to have derailing the efforts to fight against corruption in the country.

The CS stated that the courts have been linient in the way they handle the suspects linked to cases swindling public coffers thus said the a section of the judges have been a stumbling to the objectives of the government institutions to effectively weed out the corruption menace in the country.

For CAS Prof. Ntiba, he admitted CS Matiang’i’s sentiments claiming that their have been lack of commitment from the concern departments including the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of public Prosecution and the Judiciary.

He affirmed that their should be synergized and coordinated efforts among the institutions to stem out the rooted culture perpetrated by the people entrusted with the public offices.

“Every government institution fighting the corruption and executing the perpetrators is working within legal framework, and they are constituted to investigate and execute them in regards to the level of offenses. Our role as the committee is creating awareness for the members of the public put on toes their leaders to achieve corruption-free society, ” he noted.

CAS Ntiba dismissed the political instigation of anti-Corruption agencies to have been weaponized to intimidate and witch haunt of the political leaders in the country, he said that the institutions is working within the law, arguing that their operations are dictated in the law and not political class neither executive.

The Anti-Corruption committee stated that the offices si far been situated in 35 counties and they are looking forward to installed 47 counties across the country. Nandi County commissioner Geoffrey Omoding while hosting the team, he said the provisional administrations will be working with the counties the trickling down of attorney General’s roles to the counties.

“As it’s initial process, we shall facilitate the operations of the institution within the county and the local community through the campaign events,” he affirmed.

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