Address issues in unity, Nandi leaders advised.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang with Labour PS Eng. Peter Tum during a past event. PHOTO|FILE

Differences between leaders in Nandi County is threatening development plans, Labour PS Peter Tum has said.

Eng Tum said the county is facing many challenges that can only be solved if leaders unite.

“Plans to improve the lives of people cannot be achieved with the existing differences,” said Tum during a funeral in Terik Ward.

” The people of Nandi want services from those whom they elected. Leaders should respect each other because when it comes to development it is for all of us” added PS Tum.

Tum claimed to have met with Nandi Governor Stephen Sang and the county chief told him he was ready yo work together with other leaders including Members of Parliament and Ward Representatives.

There has been disagreements between leaders over claims of county mismanagement.

In the past, Governor Stephen Sang suspended some county officials over allegations of corruption.

However, Senator Samson Cherargei demanded that Sang should be held accountable.

Before the dust settled, Sang found himself in another controversy after invading a private land in Nandi HillsĀ  sub-county which he claimed was a public property he was reclaiming.

The move attracted mixed reactions with some MPs castigating his decision. The matter is still in court.

” I have met with Governor Sang and he’s committed in working with all the MCAs and MPs for the betterment of the county” he added.

Tum advised leaders to dialogue and discuss how development can be improved in the region.

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