A section of Nandi MCAs allege threats for seeking to impeach county official.

Nandi County ward representatives who supported the motion to impeach finance County Executive Committee (CEC) member Alfred Lagat have claimed there were plans to punish them.

A motion to impeach the county official for various accusations including his failure to heed summons by the assembly is the centre of the sour relationship between the MCAs and a section of the executive.

Eleven MCAs said there were secret meetings sponsored by the executive to kick out the ward representatives from their positions in various committes.

Ollesos MCA Emmanuel Mengech who chairs the education said there were plans to remove him from his position.
Terik ward MCA Hesbon Komen who is the vice Chairperson of the Public Service Board also expressed similar fears.

Kilibwoni ward representative Cynthia Muge also expressed fears of similar repercussions for supporting the motion.

“Oversight is not enemity, our job as county assembly is to do oversight and not create enemity with the county government. The course that we are standing by is that we want the best to the people of Nandi” said cythia Muge.

The MCA’s said that they are being bullied even at the functions when they attend them.

“Aftermath of investigation has led to serious issues including the purported removal of speaker and myself. I wish to tell the governor of Nandi whom I supported fully that he has lost directions because he has interfered with the work of county assembly. I know my role is oversight and to protect the properties of the people of Nandi” said Mengech.

The governor has not responded to the claims.

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