Are we witnessing the Mathematics of post 2017??

Last Friday, the Jubilee Party primaries was to kick off in 21 counties. Aspirants had summoned their troops and were very ready to participate in the critical process. The process failed to kick off and was marred with confusion. Less ballot papers were delivered.

It was clear that Rift valley and particularly North Rift region was greatly afffected. Nandi county, Uasin Gishu county, Elgeiyo Marakwet County and other Counties from the region got a greater media attention than any other county.

What is surprising and which should worry the Dp is the fact that the blame was being directed at him. Leaders and aspirants from North Rift region blamed the Dp for the confusion. They believed that he (Dp) was keen on ensuring that his ‘men’ got the Party tickets.

In central Kenya, leaders and aspirants trained their guns on Raphael Tuju, the Secretary General of Jubilee Party. The President’s name didn’t pop up. In fact in some quarters outside the region like in Nairobi, the Dp has been accused of trying to meddle with Nairobi affairs.

Granted that all this are happening, one would want to think that, “Is this game plan a post 2017 strategy”?? Why is it that the Dp carries every blame of Jubilee Government, Jubilee Party and any other blame?? Why is Uhuru not being accused??

When Uhurus kin was involved in the Afya house scandal, State machinery was deployed and within 3 days, the story was history and never hit the headlines. This is the exact opposite of what happened when Ruto was alleged to have grabbed land. The story hit the headlines several times and sometimes still finds its space in the newspapers.

Many events have happened in the past and now which are enough evidence to tell you that post 2017 strategy is well on course.

Back to the Party primaries, My Deputy President is falling into the same bait by accepting to take charge and oversee the entire process. Any problem that will arise in the Process will be his creations and if history is anything to go by, nominations have always been rocked with violence.

The Dp should have stayed away from the Nominations and leave it in the care of the Party’s Elections Board. By accepting the duty of overseeing the Nominations, he has swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

Author. Luiz Kipkoech Patrick

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